MAY 2017


Dear friends:

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with all of you how much I have enjoyed having my own business, Life’s Unlimited Zenith, since 2005.  I’ve had lots of fun experiences with my team and have been able to share my art with so many people around our communities, our nation and the world.  I’ve been blessed to have been a part of many exhibits around South Florida through the years and local art fairs, where many of you stopped by my tent to say hello.  I want to THANK  all of you, who have purchased my paintings, and are now adorning your homes, offices and in public buildings in Washington as well as in Tallahassee.

Land of Libert Inspirational Poster - Luz E Aponte



I created five collections, each having at least 16 pieces in each one.  Many of you have purchased items either directly from my website, LUZENITH, my page in FINE ART AMERICA  or at one of the fairs. There is still time to purchase….many have sold…..but some are still available.  If you find a piece you like, but ORIGINAL is SOLD….you can buy reproduction from my store in FINEARTAMERICA or contact me directly,,  if you’d like a larger giclee.

As of June 2017, my business LUZENITH  will be closed.

Other items are available in my store with PIXELS,  such as these totes


SPECIALS on greeting cards.


THANK YOU one and all for friending me on Facebook and also connecting with me on LinkedIn-also my Twitter friends.

All my ORIGINAL paintings have been discounted 50% ++ and are available for immediate purchase until my business closes, probably middle of June 2017.  Once my business is closed, these will no longer be available.   Prices on website have been already discounted.  All originals are $300.00 or better.

Here are some of the originals reduced….many on the website…be sure to check page by page:  Faith (now $250.00)   Spirit (now $175.00)  Purity (now $275.00)

Exploring (now $200.00)  Equality (now 125.00) Family (now $125.00)

You can see the entire collections on You Tube:

Dare to Dream~ Prosperity~ Possibilities~

Enjoy Nature~Believe In~








NOT being able to speak is NOT

the same as NOT having anything to say,

to do, to learn, to dream.”


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