Hi Everyone:  

So, June is here!  As I mentioned in the last few blogs, the closing of my business is now.  Once again, I’d like to express to all of you how much I enjoyed owning my  business, Life’s Unlimited Zenith since 2005.  I had lots of fun experiences with my team and able to share my art with so many people around our communities, our nation and the world.


I created five collections, each having at least 16 pieces in each one.  Many of you purchased items either directly from my website, http://www.LUZenith.com, from  http://luz-elena-aponte.artistwebsites.com, FINE ARTS AMERICA or at one of the fairs.  greeting card SPECIAL will remain until stock is depleted.  Have mostly SPANISH:


So, as of June 2017,  LUZENITH, LLC  is closed.  However, the website and items on FineArtAmerica will remain for anyone who wishes to purchase in the future.  I will not dedicate as much time, thus making it more like a hobby.

If you need any piece in a particular size, please contact me directly at luz@luzenith.com and we will discuss pricing, etc.

The items will still be available on http://www.pixels.com/  


Thank you one and all for friending me on Facebook and also connecting with me on LinkedIn-also my Twitter friends.  PRICING on the website will remain.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LuzZenith

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/luz-elena-aponte/11/88a/abb

FineArtAmerica:   http://luz-elena-aponte.artistwebsites.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifesunlimitedzenith




NOT being able to speak is NOT

the same as NOT having anything to say,

to do, to learn, to dream.”


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